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commercial roof leak

4 Signs of a Commercial Roof Leak

The Importance of Having a Secure Roof

Whether you’re a large or small business owner, ensuring your place of business is well maintained is an essential part of your job. One of the most important parts of any facility is the roof, which is why you should have it inspected on a regular basis to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Proper maintenance can help daily operations run more smoothly and safely. However, if you’re not familiar with signs of a commercial roof leak, you may not be able to recognize when a problem occurs. Some indicators of a commercial roof leak are only visible up-close, while others can be seen from the ground.

Signs of a Commercial Roof Leak

Various building complications can result from a leaky roof, and they will only worsen the longer they go unattended. By identifying the damage early on, you may be able to avoid costly repairs or even replacements. Here are 4 signs of a commercial roof leak:

  1. Damaged roof flashing

  2. Flashing is the name for the weather resistant materials that are formed in the joints of the roof. When the flashing is damaged, it can allow water seep into your place of business. Damage can be the result of weather, faulty installation or similar causes.

  3. Ponding

    Roofs are built to keep moisture out of your facility, so if you notice large pools or collections of water, it’s time to take immediate action. Ponds of water can accelerate roof deterioration and aging. Ponds can create rust in steel roofs, and they can foster rot in wooden ones. Even worse, the water weight could overburden the roof and compromise the roof deck.

  5. Bubbles

  6. Bubbles are raised portions of your roof can that can be difficult to spot from the ground. They are an indication of moisture trapped beneath the roof’s cover. Bubbles can make roofs more susceptible to wind damage.

  7. Tears in the roof cover

    Like bubbles, tears in the roof cover can be difficult to identify from the ground. Tears or cracks can occur nearly anywhere on the roof and can be caused by severe weather like hail and strong winds. Tears can also allow water leakage in the wrong places.

How to Avoid Costly Repairs and Replacements

When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, you don’t want an expensive repair getting in the way. By performing routine maintenance checks on your roof, you can prevent spending a fortune on severe water damage.

Keeping these signs and indicators in mind can help you identify leak damage before it has a chance to worsen. If you have a commercial roof leak that requires expert attention, contact us today for a free estimate. We will help restore your business’ roof to a beautiful and functional condition.

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