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Differences in Residential and Commercial Roofs

While it may seem as though one roof is no different from one to the next, quite the opposite is true. Each roof has a unique purpose, design and identity which work to serve the structure it protects. Residential and commercial roofs have very different and particular needs based on their individual requirements.

By understanding the key differences between residential and commercial roofs, you will be able to choose the best roofing system for your building.

Key Differences in Residential and Commercial Roofs

Here are a 3 unique factors between residential and commercial roofs:

  1. The Installation Process

  2. Because of the major differences in size, residential roofs are often installed within a couple days. Commercial roofs can typically take several weeks to be installed. The amount of labor required also varies depending on the intensity of the installation process. Special tools, materials or safety equipment may also be required for a commercial job. This is generally because there are more steps and moving parts in place for a project of larger magnitude.

  3. The Slope Steepness

  4. Many residential roofs have curb appeal due to their steep, slanted slopes. The roof also doesn’t apply much pressure to the house because it covers a smaller area. In most cases, the materials used in a residential roof make it easier to maintain. On the other hand, commercial roofs often have a flat structure, meaning it has no slope and the roof is not visible from the curb. Because they cover a larger surface area, more pressure is applied to the structure and more maintenance is required.

  5. The Roofing Materials

Cost and longevity are two important factors that vary for residential and commercial roofs. Shingles, tiles and slate are the most common materials used in residential roofing. This is because each of these materials sheds precipitation easily on a steep slope. Commercial roofing usually utilizes a single-ply membrane or modified bitumen because these materials can cover large areas while still offering excellent performance.

Choosing a Company You Can Trust

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