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How to Get a Roof Repair in San Antonio

When it comes to getting a roof repair in San Antonio, you have a few different options. Depending on your skill level, one option you may choose is to do it yourself (also known as DIY). If you’re not an experienced roofer however, you may consider hiring a local handyman or contractor who specializes in roof repair. Lastly, you can go the route of hiring a roofing company.

Either way, it’s important that if you discover you need a roof repair, it’s taken care of sooner, rather than later. Because when it comes to roof damage, the longer you wait, the worse the damage usually becomes.

But before you do, here are steps to consider when taking care of a roof repair:
(assuming you prefer to not go it alone)

1 – Determine Your Budget

The first thing you will want to do when considering a roof repair is to determine your budget. The reason for this is that depending on who you hire will likely range in cost based on skill level and specialty. For instance, a local handyman is likely going to charge much less than a roofing company or contractor specializing in roof repair. Many times, a local individual will charge no more than a few hundred dollars for a simple repair.

While you may save on cost from hiring an individual, possible downsides are that the roof repair may take longer, or that they may not offer any sort of warranty on their work.

2 – Determine Your Time Frame

Based on how quickly you want your roof repair completed, it’s important to also determine your time frame for the repair. A roofing company will almost always be able to complete the roof repair the fastest because they have a team of roofers to complete a job. Many times they will be able to complete a repair in just a few hours or less.

A contractor who specializes roof repair will likely be able to complete a repair in a timely fashion as well. Depending on the number of subcontractors they use, a repair can take anywhere from 1-2 days. If you hire an individual to handle a roof repair, they may have to make several trips to your home over several days to complete the repair, since they are only one person.

3 – Decide on an Option

After you’ve determined your budget and time frame for the roof repair, next it’s time to decide which option to go with. Whether local handyman, a contractor who specializes in roof repair, or a roofing company, choose an option you feel comfortable with.

To summarize, here are the common roof repair options:

Local Handyman

  • Lowest cost
  • Longer time to complete repair
  • Roofing may or may not be their specialty
  • Often no warranty offered on work

Specialized Roofing Contractor

  • Low to mid cost
  • Shorter time to complete
  • Roofing is their specialty
  • May or may not offer warranty on roof repairs

Roofing Company

  • Mid to higher cost
  • Fastest time to complete
  • Higher professionalism and customer service
  • Often offers a warranty on roof repair work

4 – Make a Hire

Once you’ve decided on an option to handle your roof repair, next, make a couple of phone calls. Get a few quotes, ask around, and see what kind of warranties are offered, if any. If you’re wondering what to ask, this article can help give you a staring point of questions to ask.

Hire a Roofing Company for Your Roof Repair in San Antonio

If you are looking for a professional roofing company that specializes in roof repair in San Antonio, then we are here to help. Norwest Roofing not only offers professionalism and quick work, we also offer a warranty on all repairs and the customer service you’d expect from a roofing company. Best part? We are also local.

If you prefer to save time and money and want a roof repair job done well, then please contact us. We offer free estimates on all roof repair and roof replacements.

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