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Property Management: Finding the Right Commercial Roofing Company

As a property manager, you have the responsibility from your owner to find a roofing company that you can depend on at a reasonable cost. So how do you find the right one for your property management company? Well, it all starts with research and seeking out a dependable roofing company who has proven experience in commercial roofing.

Start Smart as a Property Management Company in San Antonio

Many times property managers face issues with premature roof failure in their buildings. As you know, this can lead to a number of other problems related to cash flow or even degrades in property value. In addition, commercial roofing that is not up to par can result in losing out on rental revenue as well as unusable space for new tenants.

To avoid these property management woes, it’s best to set your properties up with a roofing company that can help you avoid these pitfalls altogether. The goal is to work with a company that understands your goals, your budget and your requirements. In your search, you’ll also want to find a roofing company in San Antonio that can help with creating a roofing maintenance plan to ensure your properties roofs are reliable for years to come.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance is Essential for Property Management Companies

With a reputable commercial roofing company, you can rest assured that regular maintenance will be a part of the installed roofing system. This will help avoid expenses down the road that are unnecessary or even negatively impact your property management company.

At Norwest Roofing, we take the time to meet with property managers as well as building owners to provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. At the end of the day, you want a roofing company that has your best interests in mind long term and not just a short term business deal.

What services should a Roofing Company provide for Property Management Companies?

With a reliable roofing partner on your side, as a property manager, you should expect their service to include:

  • Commercial roof inspections
  • Recommendations for specific commercial roofing needs
  • Detailed job estimates
  • A plan for roof maintenance
  • Emergency repair options
  • A warranty for commercial roof support
  • Support for budget planning

By working with a roofing company in San Antonio that meets these requirements, you will set your property management goals up for optimal success.

Make a Plan for your Commercial Roof Budget

It goes without saying, proper budgeting is a key component to any roofing job. As a property manager or building owner, you want to get the best possible commercial roof that will last, at a reasonable price. As part of your overall budget, it’s a good idea to plan for the cost of managing a commercial roof throughout it’s life cycle.

You want your commercial roofing company to help create a plan and budget that includes the investment cost of a new roof. That plan should also include any maintenance expenses. Expect to have a suburb roofing job completed the first time around. But also account for what it will take to get the longest life possible out of your roof.

You want a roofing company that is interested in a genuine relationship with property managers, not just a quick sell. By going this route, you will have partner that is just as vested in your properties as you are. Whether you need commercial roof repair or maintenance, work with a roofing company that provides detailed and accurate budgets.

Long term recommendations and solutions for your commercial roofing needs indicates you are working with a dependable roofing company.

Property Management Maintenance for Commercial Roofing

Typically, roof inspections should be done on at least a yearly basis. We suggest doing two commercial roof inspections per year. These can be done in the fall and then again in the spring. Your roof should also be inspected after significant hail storms or if it has taken on any damage.

At the time of inspection, your roofing company should check:

  • drainage systems
  • changes in roof patterns; and
  • any signs of moisture.

Once a thorough roof inspection has been completed, a plan will then be made for commercial roof maintenance.

It’s understandable that a roof is a large an investment. This is why maintenance is so crucial in order give a roof the longest life possible. Maintenance will also keep repair costs to a minimum. By working with a roofing company that provides maintenance and inspection services, you are setting your property management company up for success.

Need a Roofing Quote for Your Property Management Company?

At Norwest Roofing, our goal is that as a property manager, you are receiving the best service and product possible. We have worked with a number of property management companies in San Antonio for years because we are dependable, hardworking and offer the customer service that is deserved.

If you are interested in receiving a free quote for your property management company, please contact us. You will be glad you did.

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