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summer roofing guide

Summer Guide to Your Roof

It is almost summertime and that means it’s going to get hot!  And after the snowfall and hail storms around Texas early this year, your roof may have taken a beating.  Now is the right time to inspect your roof to decide if your home needs a new roof.

Consider this

Central Texas is prone to high levels of humidity, moisture and sun exposure.  Your roof will not need to be replaced after each rain storm or hot summer day but these factors will cause your roof general wear and tear.  If your home is at least 10 years old or if the roof has not been replaced in the last decade, consider doing a self inspection to check if your roof needs repairs or replacing.

As the days get warmer and the nights stay cool, roofing systems can expand during the hot day and then contract at night.  Constant contraction and expansion leaves your roof vulnerable to thermal shock which physically strains and decreases the lifespan of your roof.  This damage is more harsh on older roofs in warmer climates which are more prone to cracking and splitting.  Consider checking your roof for any warping or cracking before thermal shock puts your roof at risk for water damage or leaks.

Nonstop sun exposure will gradually damage your roof.  Your roof is exposed to UV rays when the sun is out and even on cloudy days.  As roofing systems get older, asphalt shingles dry out and can begin to peel and erode so if you notice apparent balding, consider getting your roof repaired.

Inspection time

Earlier this year, all of Texas was hit with a record breaking snow storm that left many homes and roofs damaged.  Even if your roof did not have any initial damage from the snow, rain and hail, you should consider checking your roof for any potential damage as it begins to heat up in central Texas.

Homeowners should routinely do an inspection of their roof at least once a year.  Roof inspections can be done by the homeowner and by a professional roofing company.  If you are doing your own roof inspection, examine your roof from the ground by walking around your entire home and take note of the following:

  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Peeling, buckling or eroding shingles
  • Soft, rotting or cracking wood decking
  • Exposed wood
  • Balding spots
  • Cracking, sagging or crumbling anywhere on roof

If you observe any noticeable issues, immediately contact a roofing contractor.  A roofing contractor will be able to thoroughly inspect the roof from on top of your home and will provide you with a comprehensive plan to repair or replace your roof.

Contact Norwest Roofing for your roofing repairs.  We offer central Texas with affordable residential and commercial roofing service as well as free roofing estimates.  Call us at (210) 697-9835 or message us online to get your roof ready for summer!

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