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The 10 Most Common Roof Problems You May Experience

At some point or another, many people experience roof problems. Whether due to wear and tear from age, or other damage, most times these issues are completely normal. But this doesn’t mean roof problems should be ignored. Working with an experienced roofing contractor is always your best bet to ensuring your roof is in top condition.

To give you an idea of some issues roofs have, here is a list of the top 10 roof problems homeowners and business experience:

1 – Roof Leaks

At the very top of the list are leaky roofs. In fact, this is how many people first discover that there is even an issue with their roof at all. Water leaking from your ceiling and onto the floor is enough to create a damper for any person. Generally, roof leaks are a result of built up moisture in your roofs and openings that form on your roof from other damage and rotting.

2 – Improper Installation

As hard as it is to believe, it does happen from time to time. When a roof is is poorly or improperly installed, it leaves your roof susceptible to larger damage and at a faster rate. At first glance, it may be difficult to distinguish a properly installed roof from one that is not.

The best thing to do here is have a professional assessment taken of your roof to ensure it was installed properly. If not, a roofing contractor can help with any roof repairs that may be needed.

3 – Tree Damage

Overgrown trees that regularly rub against your roof are an early death sentence for your roof. Not only can tree branches loosen up shingles and granules, moisture from rain also tends to stay on your roof longer from dripping water.

One thing you don’t want on your roof is moisture build up. The reason is it can weaken the structure of the roof, creating rotting, mold and many other problems for your roof. The best thing to do here is trim branches that neighbor the roof to keep the area clear, reducing possible damage.

4 – Shrinking

With drastic changes in low temperature, this can actually cause your roof to contract. When it contracts, this is also known as shrinking. The problem is that when this happens, shingles can crack and even deteriorate over time. Damages to shingles will eventually lead to larger damages to a roof over time, so it’s something to have checked out at least yearly.

5 – Holes in a Roof

Anything from severe damage, to hail and even animals on your roof can all be culprits to creating holes on your roof. Sometimes holes that form are obvious to notice. But other times, it’s difficult to tell.

Either way, holes on roofs create huge problems. Everything from moisture to insects can more easily enter your home as result, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

6 – Splitting

Similar to shrinking, when the weather really heats up, your roof can start to expand (vs. contract). The problem with this is that tiles and shingles also begin to expand and can bend or split. When this happens, shingles are less effective and will put more strain on the roof overall, creating the potential for increased roof damage over time.

If you notice that shingles look this way on your roof, it’s something you’ll want to address sooner than later to minimize potential roof damage.

7 – Clogged Gutters

Like other home maintenance, gutters should be regularly cleaned out to ensure that they do not clog up or improperly function. When gutters get clogged or damaged, they stop working the way they are intended to. And when this happens, what you end up with is excess moisture build up.

If gutters are cleaned, but are not working properly, this could be a sign of damaged gutters which can also cause other roof problems.

8 – Pooled or Standing Water

This is a problem for flat roofs, but sometimes can happen with other rooftops where moisture can’t run off properly. With enough time, that moisture can begin to seep into your roof and home. Standing water is actually a leading cause of roof leaks.

9 – Poor Repairs

Just as roofs can be improperly installed initially, poor roof repair is also a cause of roof problems. This is why it’s important to work with a professional and experienced roofing contractor that stands by their work. Ensure that the roofing company you choose offers a warranty on their work to make sure that your roof is covered in the event they need to address a previous repair job on your roof.

10 – Lack of Maintenance

Like other parts of your home, roof maintenance is essential to keeping it working to the best of its ability and identifying problems early. When you are able to catch roof problems early, often repairs are much less costly and minor in comparison.

When left unmaintained, however, your roof may have been unknowingly sustaining damage for some time. Often leading to larger necessary repairs or even replacement.

Roof Repairs and Replacements in San Antonio

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