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what to expect during roof installation

What To Expect During Your Roof Installation

So you’ve budgeted for a new roof replacement and the time has come for the roof installation to start. Just what should you expect during your roof installation?

To help, we’ve put together this short guide with timelines about what to expect during your roof installation.

In addition, we also let you know how you can best prepare.

The Roof Installation Process Explained

From inspection, to permitting and installation, the roof installation process usually follows these steps.

Inspection and Estimating

This part of the process can take anywhere from a couple of days to 1 week.

At this time, your roofing company first needs to get an idea of the work involved. They do this by performing an inspection of the current roof on your home.

Once the roofing company has an good idea of the work involved, they can then provide a quote to install a new roof.

Acquiring Necessary Permits

Though not always needed, sometimes roofing contractors need to acquire certain permits for a roof installation. It’s usually based on where you live.

At the time of your initial roof inspection, your estimator should be able to tell you whether certain permits will be required or not.

In the event that certain permits are needed to complete work, then the permits will first need to be acquired prior to beginning work.

This can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks at times.

Roof Installation

Once your roofing company has been given the green light, the roof installation may begin. At this time, needed materials are ordered by the roofing company to complete the roof installation.

Depending on the size of the roof and the scope of work involved, this can be done in as little as a day or up to one week for larger projects.


Needless to say, when completing a new roof installation, the old roof first needs to be removed. This will undoubted create debris and material that will then need to be discarded. Not to worry, though. Your roofing company in San Antonio should take care of the disposal for you.

Whether dumpsters need to be ordered, or material needs to be hauled away, they should handle this for your from start to finish.

Depending how much disposal is involved, this entire process usually doesn’t take much more than a few hours to a day.

Not entirely sure whether your roof needs to be completely replaced or can simply be repaired? Read our post on how to tell when your roof needs to be replaced.

Reasons a Roof Installation Timeline Could Change

While your roofing company should be prepared to complete your roof installation in a pre-determined estimated time, sometimes certain factors could influence the final timeline.

This may include items such as delays in material, inclement weather or problem areas that could not be seen during an initial inspection.

The most common issues that cause a roof installation’s timeline to change include things such as:

Mold or Pests

Probably one of the biggest setbacks for any roof project is the discovery of mold or damage because of pests. Many times, these issues aren’t discoverable until work on the roof has begun.

Needless to say, rotting or damaged areas from termites or other animals will first need to be fixed prior to completing the roof installation.

If Your Roof is Not up to Code

Usually this is only an issue for homes that were built several decades ago. Over time, construction techniques and codes change, so a very old home will first likely need to be brought up to code.

Therefore, if additional repairs are needed, this will slightly add to the timeline of the roof installation.

Water Traps from Initially Poor Roof Design

Depending on how your roof was designed and installed, sometimes water traps can be a problem. Basically these are parts of your roof that are more susceptible to leaks. The reason is that where the water is supposed to run off, more water actually ends up gathering here.

As a result, you’re left with a roof that puts greater wear on your shingles. Which eventually leads to a faster overall wearing of your roof in certain areas.

Preparing Your Home Before Installation Day

roof installation what to expect
There are a few tips you can take to help make the job easiest for your roofing contractor on the day/week of your roof installation.

In doing so, this can potentially even expedite the roof installation process slightly.

To prepare your home prior to installation day, follow these tips just a day or two before:

  • If you can, move any plants and furniture that are next to house away from the house. They can be placed in a corner of your yard for the time being.

    This will help create space for your roofing contractors to move around easily and place materials in a designated area.

  • Mow your lawn. During your roof installation, debris, nails and other small items will fall to the ground. Having shorter grass will make it easier for the roofing contractors to find and discard items that fall on your lawn during installation.
  • If you have valuables in your attic, cover them with a plastic sheet or tarp. It’s not uncommon to have small gaps in the decking of your roof. Because of this, nails and dust can make their way through to your attic. By covering your items, you protect them from any debris falling through.

Ready for Your Roof Installation?

When the time has come for your new roof installation, we can help. We have helped many homeowners and businesses in San Antonio and the surrounding areas with their roof installations. And we’d love to help you too.

When working with Norwest Roofing, you can expect professionalism, superior service and a job well done, the first time.

So if you are ready for your roof installation, contact us today. We offer 100% free estimates.

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